Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today, I am SO glad its Wednesday because it means I am halfway through my first week in Austin.  That's not to say my practicum placement here isn't off to a great start -- it definitely is. 

That being said, I have been here since Saturday, and so I've spent so many more nights here than I have working days.  Yesterday morning, after spending four nights sleeping in Texas without my hubby, I couldn't believe it was only my second day of work.  I've been here long enough that it REALLY needs to be halfway through my first week by now.

The other good thing about Wednesday is that Monday and Tuesday I work 11-7, but Wednesday-Friday, I work 7:45-3:45.  So although Tuesday  night has a fast turnaround -- about 12 hours between leaving work and reporting the next day, it means that I can actually get out and explore a little of Austin or run some errands Wednesday afternoon.

... And... as ashamed as I am to say it... the other bright spot of Wednesday are the season premiers/shows that are on tonight:
Modern Family
Duck Dynasty

Happy Hump Day!

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