Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Letters: One Week in Austin Down

  •  Dear Austin,  Thanks for a great first week.  I'm exhausted, but we're off to a great start... and my time with you is 1/3 of the way over!
  • Dear Texas State Fair, HERE I COME THIS WEEKEND!!!!
  • Dear Hubby, I will be back in your arms in less than two weeks.  I miss you like crazy...
  • Dear Lexie and Lloyd, Life without animals is not a life I care to lead for very long.
  • Dear Grey's Anatomy,  You start WAY too late for this tired pregnant lady.
  • Dear Baby Jitterbug, I have loved feeling your little jabs and pokes this weeks.  You make me feel like there is a creature in my belly, dancing and squirming and trying to create more room.
  • Dear Feet, You are so tired.  You could really use a foot rub from your hubby.  You could really use a foot rub from your hubby like every night this past week.
  • Dear Grad School, Every day, I get close to BEING DONE WITH YOU!  When I complete that last assignment, the feeling will be SO sweet!
  • Dear Vail, You got snow this week.  I'm sorry I missed it.
  • Dear Austin, You are really hot this time of year.  I'm not really sure how to dress for your weather.

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