Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sometimes and Always: Saturday Edition

There used to be a blog post every week called Sometimes and Always.  The hostess hasn't held this in awhile, but its a fun way of thinking, and I thought today would be a fun time to get back to it.

Sometimes:  I am at the end of my rope by Friday afternoons.
Always:  I show up for work on Monday.  The two-day weekends seem to work their rejuvenating magic.

Sometimes:  Michigan has a REALLY BIG football rivalry game on Saturday, and it is so exciting, and the outcome is completely unknown because momentum and the home-field advantage plays SUCH a huge role!
Always:  Their Saturday games are awesome no matter who they're playing, and I am always clad in Maize and Blue and cheering my heart out!

Sometimes:  My hubby and I go to the store late at night on Friday or Saturdays so we don't have to do it the next day.
Always:  We are glad when we've done it and we enjoy not having to get up and go to the store first thing in the morning.

Sometimes: I think I might be feeling the baby start to flutter in my belly.
Always:  I'm not really sure yet.  I think it might be my imagination, or just ligaments stretching.

Sometimes:  Lexie and Lloyd are both on our bed at the same time, and they are not fighting or challenging each other for territory.
Always:  This makes me so happy!

Sometimes:  Families are just interesting.  They are really one of a kind, and just a barrel full of monkeys.
Always:  They're family.  For better or worse, and for always, they're family.

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