Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer 2013 Summary

Adios, Summer 2013.

Top row left to right:  Positive pregnancy test; Meeting our little Nugget with our 8 week ultrasound; Hubby and I were a part all of June; Lloyd competed in Dock Dogs

Second row:  Lloyd won a lot of medals; We bought our first outfit for our little baby; I completed my blindfold course; I saw my grandmother in Arizona

Third row:  Our niece, Zivah, entered the world; We were in St. Louis when Zivah arrived; While I was living in Tucson, I got to live with a tiny little dog about the size of our cat

Fourth row:  Hubby flew to Arizona to help me drive to Michigan; We were finally reunited with our Lexie-Girl; Momma had her 60th birthday; We announced to the internet world that we are expecting a baby

There are the good parts of the summer.  In between the lines feel free to read "working hard, time away from my husband, nausea, exhaustion, heat, and studying."

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