Sunday, September 8, 2013

Great Saturday!

What a great Saturday Hubby and I had!

  • College Gameday IN Ann Arbor
  • A productive day -- I'm almost always productive on Saturdays until the Michigan kickoff.  The fact that Michigan didn't kickoff until 6pm meant I had a REALLY productive day.
  •  Canning Pears!
  • Watching Miami beat Florida.
  • Watching Georgia beat South Carolina.
  • Enjoying the Notre Dame v. MICHIGAN game with my whole little family -- Hubby, Lloyd, Lexie, and Nugget -- all of us in Michigan gear except Lexie.  Even Nugget was dressed for the Wolverines by my wearing a Michigan maternity shirt with "Quarterback in Training" across the belly.
  • Watching Michigan BEAT the Irish -- 41-30!  WHAT A GAME!!
 Lloyd was never concerned that Michigan wouldn't come through.  I can assure you I was not nearly as relaxed while we were watching the game as Lloyd is in this picture.

How was your Saturday?
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