Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Decisions

Hubby and I have some big decisions to make soon.

A huge decision has already been made -- not necessarily by us -- our family is growing, and we are becoming parents in a few short months.

Ever since finding out we were expecting a baby the choices and decisions have whirled around our heads, hearts, prayers, and conversations.

Do we stay in Rifle?
Should we buy a house?
Should we move?
Where should we go?
Should we be closer to family?
Should I keep working?
Can we afford for me to stay home?
Should I start looking for ways I can earn money from home while caring for our child?
Should we move somewhere where Hubby can make more money so we can live more comfortably if I stay home?
If we stay here, what kind of sacrifices will that entail?
If I stay home, what kind of sacrifices will that entail?
If we stay here, what kind of career advancement opportunities do either of us have?
How much of that is in our hands, and how much is out of our hands?

We have so many decisions to make... and they all need to be made, but today, I am treasuring the present.  I am treasuring the time to pray about them, discuss them, make pro/con lists, plan, and the time to not have to make all the decisions tonight.  I am treasuring the time to come before the Lord and ask for guidance, and wisdom, and doors that are opened, and doors that are closed.

Lord, we rejoice in the knowledge that our future is in Your very capable hands.  We ask for wisdom in all the decisions before us.  Please go ahead of us and lead the way.  Let us be able to discern Your way above our ways and follow confidently and faithfully.

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