Monday, September 23, 2013

Preggers I: 21 Weeks

 I wore such cute maternity outfit to church this morning, but I forgot to take a picture until about 9pm, when I had changed in to an old tee-shirt and hubby's workout shorts.  So, here's a sight of me that only the privileged few, who hang around my house near bedtime get to see...

How far along? 21 weeks -- and I really feel pregnant, pretty much all the time now.
How I am feeling?  Okay.  Noticeably pregnant.  This was the first week that strangers have asked me when I'm due, or made other comments about my being pregnant.  So, I guess, I'm feeling noticeable.

Weight gain/loss:  Weight gain... just about the right amount.

How big is baby? The size of a pomegranate

Sleep:  Pretty well.  I've been so busy this week, that I've slept well except for I haven't gotten enough of it.
Boy/Girl Prediction:  I think a boy.  We had the 20 week ultrasound this week where we could have found out the sex, but we did not find out, and the doctor has a pretty good poker face.
Baby Nicknames:  Nugget, Baby, or Jitterbug because the baby was moving all over the place during the ultrasound

Best moment this week:  Seeing our beautiful baby dancing and jab during our ultrasound.  It was the COOLEST thing to see the little arms and legs and face... and the heart, umbilical cord, diaphragm, kidneys... it was crazy.  It was so awesome to watch the baby moving the arms and legs because I hadn't felt anything yet... but he/she was in there dancing all over the place.  

Food cravings: Hash browns and hamburger casserole.
Missing:  My husband, and my home.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes... and starting to fill them out.
Movements:  Yes, I believe so.  :-D  Friday night at dinner was the first time... then I felt a few more Saturday evening... and then more Sunday morning.  So, yes, I'm pretty certain I'm feeling baby movements.  I think it helped for me to see the baby moving on the ultrasound because it helped me have some idea where I was going to be feeling things.  Also, the Dr. said that my placenta is right in the front/top of my uterus, and so it is acting like a little pillow and dampening the feeling of Baby's movements.  I wouldn't call them flutters -- for me, they feel like very little pokes.  Perfect, sweet, gentle little pokes.

Labor Signs: No.  Thank goodness!

General Attitude:  Trying to keep an attitude of strength, gratitude, and optimism for the weeks ahead.

What I am looking forward to this week:  Feeling more baby pokes.

Milestones:  Yes, quite a few --
First week that strangers have commented that I'm pregnant.
Our 20 week ultrasound -- our Nugget is looking great, and measuring perfectly healthy.
Hubby and I created our Baby registry Friday evening before I flew out to Austin... an exercise in excitement, tears, compromise, and anxiety.
First real feeling of little baby pokes.

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  1. I've always loved feeling little pokes and kicks! :)


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