Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treasuring the Present: 4 Days

Today, I am treasuring the fact that I have 4 days and nights before I leave for Texas.

  • I have a lot to do... but I have 4 more days in which to get as much as possible done.
  • I will miss my hubby... but I have 4 days and nights left with him before I leave.
  • I will miss my animals... but I have 4 more mornings of their greeting me, and 4 more afternoons of their excitement to see me, and 4 more evenings of their gratitude at getting fed.
  • I will miss our wonderful home... but I have 4 days to try to get the place in as best shape as possible for my hubby and critters who will still be here while I'm gone.
  • I will miss my students... but I have 4 more days to prepare work for them, and let them know how capable I believe they are of doing their best in my absence.
  • I have plenty of packing and organizing to do... but I have 4 days to plan, and make lists, and get these things done.
Sunday night, I had a nightmare, and it was the kind of nightmare that I had to convince myself that it wasn't true when I awoke.  When this happens, which is not often, I have to wake Chris up.  The process of my becoming awake enough to wake him up, and saying those words, "I had a bad dream" makes me believe that, yes, in fact, this was just a dream.  Also, he always puts his arms around me, and  I know that I am safe to go back to sleep.  When this happened the other night, I was so grateful for his presence in bed next to me.  I wasn't filled with dread for our impending separation, but was full of sincere joy for the moments we do get to spend together.

I am really making an effort to cherish these last 4 days instead of dread them.  It does help that every day, God seems to bring something my way that makes me more excited about Texas.  On Saturday, it was talking to my best friend and finding out that we'll be attending a few football games together.  On Monday, it was a huge box of summer maternity gear that a friend from church is going to loan me for my trip.

Hubby and I have no doubt that God will sustain us throughout this last 3-week separation and provide us with everything each of us needs, but in the meantime, we are treasuring these last four days together.

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