Monday, September 9, 2013

Preggers I: 19 Weeks

19 weeks -- this could be about halfway, which is CRAZY to think!
Lexie wanted to be in the picture last week... so this week, Lloyd thought it was his turn.

And then Lexie didn't want to be excluded from the fun.
These critters are going to make such awesome big brother and big sister to the little one.

How far along? 19 weeks

How I am feeling?  Very emotional.  One minute I'm relatively fine, and the next I've burst into tears.  In fairness to me, I'm not crying over spilled milk... they are really legitimate things causing me to burst into tears (work, students, grad school, mean people, knowing I have to leave my hubby in less than two weeks)... but its not the best thing to know I could cry at any minute.

Weight gain/loss:  Weight gain... but I'm not sure how much.  I'm not loving getting on the scale these days.  I've never seen these numbers before.

How big is baby? The size of a mango.

Sleep:  Pretty well.  In fact, I have been so tired lately that I don't even know if I would notice if I wasn't sleeping well.  I think I'm more tired in the evenings now than I was in my first trimester.
Boy/Girl Prediction:  I think its a boy.  Both hubby and I agree that I've officially "popped."  We both think I can't really hide the belly any longer.  I keep telling myself that I married a big, strong, manly man, and so I'm probably going to have a large baby.  That explains why I am so big right now -- Chris' large son growing inside.  But, please, Lord, do not let the baby be too big.
Baby Nicknames:  Nugget, or Baby

Best moment this week: I wore my first tighter shirt that shows off my stomach.  It was the same day I had a meeting with a lot of people I hadn't seen in awhile.  Some knew I was pregnant, and some probably just found out that day.  It felt like a big moment of embracing the bump instead of hiding inside baggy clothes.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular -- just food in general.
Missing:  A glass of wine would have been nice this week.  Oh, also, I've been wanting a S'more -- but by the time we get to the store, I don't really feel like need them anymore.

Maternity Clothes:  Yes -- and hubby's clothes for the first time this weekend.  :-D  I have some slacks and skirts for work, but less relaxing around the house clothes.  Also, its been so hot that sweatpants are NOT going to happen.  Hubby has some great work-out shorts that fit me great with room to spare.
Movements:  Possibly... but I'm not sure.  It's not really consistent enough for me to be sure.  But I will tell you, it's weird to feel my stomach growl up by my ribs.

Labor Signs: No.  Thank goodness!

General Attitude:  Emotional, and a little overwhelmed.  Also, very loved when hubby rubs my belly and tells me I really look pregnant.

What I am looking forward to this week:  We're having dinner with some friends this week -- Monday is food club, Tuesday is dinner with new friends, and Friday is Hubby's birthday.  I'm tired just thinking about it, but it will be fun to be tired because of a social life this week instead of just tired because of work life.

Milestones:  Probably several -- wearing the tight shirt, embracing "the bump", and wearing hubby's clothes.  
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  1. You look great!

    I have found red raspberry (tea or capsules) to help me soo much in balancing emotions throughout and after pregnancy. It also helps strengthen your uterus for carrying the baby.

    I'm so excited for you!!


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