Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Our Growing Family

This is a unique season in our family in that it is growing.  Hubby and I are not growing the family at the moment... but others in our family are expanding it, and we are happy for them and preparing for a changing, larger family.

As I shared a few months ago, Chris' sister and her husband (Becky and Daniel) are expecting a baby in July.  This is the first grandchild on that side of the family and everyone is OVER THE MOON excited for them.  They have been married seven years (if memory serves... almost eight?) and they love children.  Becky is almost finished with her medical residency (she's scheduled to finish three days before her due date... we'll see how that goes), and Daniel is a firefighter.

Hubby and I bought them this ornament last Christmas
They live in St. Louis and recently bought their first home.  They don't know if they're having a boy or a girl... but everyone in the family seems to think it will be a boy.  She is due in early July and I'm sure the highlight of our summer will be meeting, loving, and getting to know our newest little family member.

Sister Becky as she literally grows the family
Here's the little peanut ETA: July 2013
Chris' brother, Nick, decided to expand the family this year as well.  Nick met Mandy this past February and proposed less than two months later.  They have set a wedding date for December 2013 and we are really happy for them.  They both live in St. Louis, so while we're getting to know the new baby this summer, we also hope to get to know Mandy.

Nick proposed a few weeks ago
Soon-to-be-Sister Mandy and Brother Nick
What a wonderful season in our family full of such joy. 
Because I have experienced seasons of sorrow -- years of sorrow in the past with my family, I especially treasure this season of such joy, blessing, and happiness.

Chris and I are the only Miller children not expanding the family this year... maybe we should think about a plant?

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