Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pillow Talk

My family and I (the Sandens) LOVE the movie Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day.  We watch it every year and can recite nearly every line along with the characters... and yet we still laugh at the comedy every time.


I have watched this movie with my family for nearly twenty years... but I never knew what "pillow talk" actually was.  Even when I was old enough to ask, my mom said it was what couples talked about in bed while their heads were on the pillow.  This explanation made little sense to me because I couldn't image a couple's conversation in bed being any different than their conversation at the dinner table.  (Unless when they said "pillow talk" they meant... ahem... other kinds of talk between a married couple in bed.)  Also, this definition gave me trouble because in the movie Pillow Talk, the characters are never once in bed together... so why would a movie be called Pillow Talk if actual "pillow talk" never occurs?

I know... I put WAY too much thought into this.

It is only now, at age 29, and nearly two years into marriage that I feel confident in saying, yes, I understand what pillow talk is, and I absolutely love it.

For us, it is that unexpected conversation when the lights are off and we've said good night...  but neither one of us has fallen asleep and we just keep talking.  It is a time when we remember to tell each other things about our day that had slipped our minds prior that evening.

Our pillow talk is not sharing deep, dark secrets (usually), but merely parts of our day.  We get to know each other better through these simple conversations and the intimacy we build is shared only between us.

It is some of the most relaxed conversation we have because neither one of us is doing anything else.  We're not running out the door, or cooking dinner, or working, or driving... or any of the other numerous activities in which we engage throughout our day.

Pillow talk doesn't happen every night for us... sometimes we are asleep the moment our heads hit the pillow, or one of us falls asleep before the other turns out the light, or it simply just doesn't happen.  But this simple fact makes me appreciate our precious nights of pillow talk all the more.

I can't conclude this post without sharing the trailer to Pillow Talk.  If you haven't see the movie, you should.  It is family friendly (as long as you are comfortable explaining to your children that the one man has "a lot of girlfriends") and absolutely hilarious.

**Note: In watching this trailer I found two things amusing.
1. Movie trailers have gotten a LOT better in the past 50 years
2. They make this movie out to be pretty scandalous for the day... oh, but to be in the fifties again.  This movie is not the "sexcapade" that the trailer claims.

I hope you enjoy Pillow Talk... and pillow talk as much as I do.

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