Sunday, April 14, 2013

VHS Tapes

Last night Hubby was away and so I went to my stash of old movies and chose an old VHS tape to enjoy.  I pulled out Get To The Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story, which Mom and I taped off of TV in 1997.

It was so much fun for me put in that tape and find that in the first 5 minutes of the tape I got to see parts of a My Little Pony Movie, Good Morning America when they went to Alaska, and the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  Do you remember the old tapes, when you would record over past recordings?  Apparently this tape had been re-recorded over several times.  There is something so special about old VHS tapes.

Am I the only one who holds on to old VHS tapes out of sentiment?
 Will kids ever have the experience of recording something from the television and saving it for years to come that I have had with old tapes?

I know there are digital recording boxes now, and you can "Save" recordings... but as soon as you switch out the recording box, or switch cable providers, you lose the recordings.  Is there still a way to record something off of television and keep it long term, or is that what youtube is for?

Do you remember what it was like to tape something so you could watch it again later?  Maybe a movie was on TV, and you were SO excited because now you could own the movie and not have to rent it anymore.  Maybe it was a television show or awards show that was going to run too late and your parents wouldn't let you stay up to see it... but they said they would tape it for you.  Did you ever try to skip the commercials?  I would.  I would stop the recording and then start it again... Sometimes I would forget to re-start the recording and miss recording the next part of the show.

The old commercials are hysterical.  When I would watch the program soon after it aired, I would fast-forward through the commercials... now, when I watch the shows, I enjoy the old commercials as much as the show itself.

I don't miss the days of VHS tapes, having to be at home in order to record something and wondering if you have enough tape for the program you want to record.  But I do like my old VHS tapes and I have not intention of getting rid of them.

I don't know that when I grew up would be considered "The Good Ole Days"... but I would certainly call it a simpler time.  Sometimes it is nice to just remember and revisit for a minute a different time.

What do you remember from simple times?

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