Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Letters: A little late

  • Dear Friday, I am so incredibly exhausted that today, you are not bringing your usually relief. 
  • Dear Hubby, This morning, when I woke up, the FIRST thought I had was "GRRRRRRR!  I'm so angry at my husband."  That was literally my first thought.  Then, I tried to figure out why.  What had happened yesterday, or last night that made me so angry at you?  I couldn't come up with ANYTHING!!!!!  I don't know if I had a horrible dream, or what, but I'm not mad at you.  I can't figure out why that was the first thought in my head today...
  • Dear Work, I love the lessons you teach me during each nine-month school year.  I love how trials of past years become experiences for which I am grateful.  I love the different students and families and circumstances I work with on a year-to-year basis and how I can build relationships over time with these wonderful people.
  • Dear Out-of-the-Home Concealed Carry Gun Class, I am a little nervous about you this weekend.  I know my husband is excited for you.  I pray you are informational, fun, and that you go by quickly.
  • Dear Conference in Denver Next Weekend, I struggle with 2.5 day conferences.  My job involves so much moving, changing, traveling, and time outdoors that the idea of sitting in a hotel conference room for 2.5 days is NOT my idea of fun.  Lord, please change my attitude on this... and hey, maybe this conference will be amazing.  Maybe they'll present outside and the time will just fly by... maybe.
  • Dear Summer Practicum Placements, Let's get together and nail done where I'm going.  Let's starting answering phone messages, and emails, and just set things up, please.
  • Dear Graduate Teachers, Answering emails in a timely basis is an attractive, respected quality.
  • Dear Lexie and Lloyd, You two crack me up.  I just love you guys.  The other night, you were both laying on either side of me as I was falling asleep and you nearly had me in a straight jacket.  I kept telling myself that this of not being able to move, was actually the feeling of being loved.  :-D

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