Sunday, April 7, 2013

MICHIGAN to the Championship Game!!!!

University of Michigan Men's Basketball is going to the BIG DANCE!
Last night they beat Syracuse in the Final Four to advance to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game!

Hubby and I watched the game at Old Chicago after running some errands in Grand Junction (yesterday was such a perfect day... more on that another time) and we were, of course, decked out in Michigan gear!

After the game, I had fun reading tweets and copying pictures posted by the Michigan faithful who are SOOO excited for the Championship game.  The last time Michigan played in the NCAA Basketball Championship game was 20 year ago... 1993 -- I was in 3rd grade.  I remember the game because I was allowed to stay up late, past my bedtime, to watch the game... and Michigan lost in the final minutes (Chris Webber called a timeout when Michigan was out of timeouts, and it cost them the win -- my daddy was really upset).  It has taken 20 years for Michigan to have another chance... and it all comes down to Monday night!


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