Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Here and Now

I haven't done Treasure the Present in a while... so no time like the present.

Things are nuts right now... but I'm so grateful.

I have an amazing husband who has a job that keeps him busy hours and hours and hours a day... but he is so happy in what he does and he does his job so well.  And when I don't see him very often, I am so much more appreciative of out time together.

I have a job that keeps me crazy busy that challenges me and pushes me... and pulls me (in a million different directions) and I am in the home stretch of this school year.  I still have time to accomplish what I want to do this year, but I need to use my time wisely if its going to happen.

I have a beautiful, cuddly, princess kitten curled up on my chest literally as I'm typing this.  She is purring up a storm and has her little nose tucked under my chin.  I am especially treasuring my time with our little Lexie because she is headed to Michigan in May and it will be a long summer without her.

Michigan played an awesome and exciting basketball game last night for the NCAA National Championship, and I am proud to be a Michigan fan.

Both my hubby and I are so fortunate that we are studying in graduate programs... online, so we get to study and different Universities WHILE living together and working in little, ole, Rifle.  We are both being challenged and enjoying expanding our skills and knowledge.

We have an adorable, lovable puppy without a angry or aggressive bone in his body.  He lives for loving us and he just hangs on our approval and praise.  He is the best dog in the world and always wants to be included in what's going on (I can't tell you how many times Hubby and I are snuggling together and Lloyd comes and tries to squeeze right in between us).  He makes us laugh daily and adds so much joy to our life! 

Hubby and I have had some unexpected disappointments this week, but every time we face a hardship, we learn how to support one another better and better in this wonderful life that is our marriage.

I am in love with our marriage.  We are just shy of being married 2 years and each year... heck, each month, is just getting better and better and better.  My hubby is so wonderful and so good at loving me and I am so incredibly blessed to be his wife.

What are you treasuring today?

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