Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Capturing the Simple ~ March

Amy at Filled With Praise has started a monthly blog post where you choose 9 pictures from your month post about them.

I thought it was going to be hard to choose only 9 pictures, but the truth is, 9 pictures covers the month pretty well... and now that I look at the collage, somehow I ended up with 10 pictures.  I'm not sure how that happened when I chose the 9 picture collage... oh well.

  Our pup, Lloyd got left out of this month, but I'm sure he will make an appearance in the April pictures.

Here is my March collage and below are the picture descriptions:

Starting top left and working left-to-right:
  • Amazing view from Blue Sky Basin while skiing
  • Church basement transformation for a baby shower I hosted
  • A little relaxation during a VERY busy month!
  • Lexie helping me choose a ski run for the day (she's looking at the grooming report)
  • Date night with hubby at Micky's new restaurant
  • Ski picture with Hubby -- the first of our little family
  • Ski picture with my cousin, Elizabeth, we had a blast skiing together
  • Ski picture with my brother
  • Baby shower flowers -- white roses, mums and mini roses in mason jars with lemon slices -- I was really proud of these flowers and I loved having all the vases around my house for the next week
  • It was great seeing my cousin for a few days
That's a fun way to re-cap the month... but I just remembered I forgot the Easter sunrise service on the top of Vail mountain... I'm sure I'll get better at this in months to come.

 Happy April!

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  1. Love your pictures and re-cap. Thanks for linking up!


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