Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Food Club

Once a month Hubby and I meet with our little Rifle Food Club.  It is not something I think about very often because it only happens once a month, and only during the school year, but I have really enjoy our being a part of this group for the past two years.

The group can include anywhere between 6-12 people... usually we have around 8 and we choose a theme for each month and alternate who hosts.  In the paste we have had themes which included Greece, Italy, Appetizers, Anything Autumn, Chinese, India, Southern, Tailgate Food and Fondue.

Last night the theme was BATTLE BACON!

Anything people brought had to include bacon, and it was quite the meal.

The fun thing about food club is that the participants can either take the theme very seriously, or not at all seriously.  Last night, for example, one woman made her own bacon -- and made several kinds for us to try.  Hubby tried his hand at a bacon apple pie -- and a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin.  Another participant made a stew that had bacon in it, someone else brought bacon cupcakes and I contributed with easy bacon appetizers.  The name of the game is fun, and experimenting is encouraged.

Its taken me a few years to learn, but if something doesn't come out exactly as I hoped, I don't have to be embarrassed with this group.  This group loves the stories of things not really turning out like you hope.  This group doesn't get together to compliment the food (although many compliments are shared), but to discuss the food and offer new ideas and suggestions for the future.

Some months people have more time and devote more creativity to the dish, and other months everyone is swamped and the dishes become more semi-homemade.  There are no rules and no Food Club Police... you contribute what you want and what you can for each month.  Some months food club might be the last thing on your, and then you're welcome to just come and eat.

Last night the food club meeting was at our house and I found myself really appreciating this monthly meeting.  It is fun to meet with the same group every month and different people's homes.  It comes out to hosting about twice a year, and it is the only regular entertaining we do.  It has been fun to get to know people through their homes, their pets, and their food.

Looking back, I think this club helped us settle in to Rifle, make friends in the area and was a perfect outlet for my Hubby's culinary creativity.

Thank you, Food Club.  You are special part of our lives.

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  1. Such fun! I love the idea. It sounds like you have found a great group of friends.

  2. Table is ready for food.. Yummi.. i need to eat something,
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