Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring is On Its Way

Spring is on its way... although its not here yet.
We still have another snow storm on the way next week, which I love... but because of the spring snow, I am getting excited about Spring.

Your Spring Sense is Sound
You love the way the sounds change during the spring time. It's like the whole world is waking up.
First the birds start chirping. Then the kids start playing. Before you know it, life is back in full swing again.

You are observant, thoughtful, and even philosophical. You like taking the time to pay attention to things.
You notice the little details that everyone else seems to overlook. And your memories tend to be extremely vivid.

You Are Expressive
Whether you're an artist, a writer, or simply a good talker, you enjoy expressing yourself to the world.
You have interesting ideas and theories. You're never at a loss for what to say. You have a take on everything.

Winter can be a bit of a quiet period for you, in many ways. You may not feel as creative as usual, but your mind is working behind the scenes.
When the world is dead, you feel a bit dull inside. In reality, your mind is just getting ready for your next big thing.

Spring is when you feel re-energized and full of new ideas. You're ready to get out there and be a part of the world.
This is when new projects get sparked for you, and they'll deepen and develop throughout the rest of the year.

Are you ready for spring?
Maybe it has already arrived where you are...

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