Monday, April 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty

My husband has discovered a new reality show that he loves.  While he has been the cause of my becoming addicted to many shows since we've met, this is one that, I'm definitely not addicted to... but despite my best efforts to pretend otherwise, it really is a funny show about some really great people.

The premise for this show is a family business in Louisiana that made their fortune making and selling duck calls.  The father started the business and now his three boys run it.  The show includes the father, three sons, an uncle and other employees (ALL of which have beards and most of which have long hair), all their wives (who are GORGEOUS!) and the grandchildren.

These men are as redneck as they come, but they are also intelligent enough to make some really funny jokes.  Almost everyone on the show is college educated, and one of their warehouse workers, I just learned is earning his masters degree.  You would not guess this upon first view of the show.

The best part of this show are the strong family values and the faith in God.  The show itself is not a ministry or weekly sermon, but most shows end with the entire family sitting around one table, and the father saying prayer thanking the Lord for their blessings.

When Chris and I started digging a little deeper, we learned that these men are incredibly strong Christians and have been preaching the message of the gospel throughout the country (or at least the South) for many years.

This show is good for laughs and lessons.

This show might be worth your time to check out.

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  1. Love the show. Willie spoke at our church's Easter service this year. He did a great job and we really enjoyed his message of including God in all aspects of your life.

    My husband had to take E out during the sermon, so he was standing with E in the hallway as Willie finished up. When it was over, Willie walked past my husband and shook his hand. My older kids thought that was so cool!


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