Thursday, April 11, 2013

It Keeps Getting Better

Marriage is pretty much my favorite thing in the world!

It blows my mind how much I love my Hubby, and our marriage!!!

We are two months away from 2 years of marriage, and it has FLOWN by!!!  And this second year of marriage has been better than the first.  When I think back to a year ago -- our first spring being married, I remember how much we were still getting used to each other.  Our entire first year of marriage was AWESOME -- but it was a HUGE adjustment.  This second year of marriage has been even better!

Last year, it was our first year living together, our first year in Rifle, Hubby's first year at a new school, my first year with major commuting, and our first year with a dog.  We had a little bit of free time, but, as I look back, our new marriage was our extra-curricular activity.

This year has been CRAZY BUSY!
Hubby is involved in every club, activity, counsel for his students... he has meetings nearly every night after school.  I have a larger caseload with higher needs of students than ever before, an average of 10 hours/week of braille transcription, and this year I've left the house at 5:00am four mornings a week.  Oh yes, AND we both went back to graduate school this year, so we're juggling REALLY full-time jobs, and graduate classes.  Yet, despite all of these busy and crazy factors, our marriage is better than ever.

When I compare the two years in my mind, I realize that we needed the extra time last year because we had so many new things in our life.  This year, our marriage is the constant -- the busy, crazy, work-filled year is simple a variable of life at the moment.  Last year, our marriage was so new, that it was the new thing in our life... this year so many other things are new and our marriage is old hat (in a good way) -- its really cool to think that our marriage is never going to be brand new again -- it will be exciting, and spontaneous, and passionate, and joy-filled... but not brand new like that first year.

Crazy seasons will come and go, many things will change for us in our life, but our marriage is a constant and it keeps getting better.

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