Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes and Always with Mackey Madness

Sometimes: My hubby and I LOVE our summer travels.  Experiencing adventures together, introducing each other to old friends, and seeing our families.
Always: It feels GREAT to come back home!

Any John Denver fans?  I AM!

Sometimes: I get really inspired and do two exercise tapes and go for a run or walk in one day
Always: This motivation does not last more than maybe 2 days... after that I'm back to one workout a day

Sometimes: I find myself cheering loudly for the weirdest sports during the Olympics
Always: If Team USA is playing, I don't care about the sport, I am going to CHEER!

Sometimes: The Olympics means my television in on about 20 hours/day (I'm not glued to my chair or anything... the tv is just on)
Always: I feel better about so much television watching when I exercise each day

Sometimes: My hubby convinces me to watch Cardinals Baseball instead of the Olympics
Always: I record the Olympics and try to avoid news and social media so I can watch the events later and be surprised

Sometimes: My hubby and I disagree
Always: The best disagreements are the silly ones -- like whether the Olympic Mens Volleyball Teams hug or huddle in between points... I think the teammates huddle, my hubby thinks the teammates hug.  What do you think?

Sometimes: Commercials make me cry
Always: Olympic commercials make me cry

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  1. I have loved the Olympics!! I cried all during the gymnastics finals. Haha! I felt like such a dork!

    Thanks for linking up!!


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