Friday, August 31, 2012

Lots of Letters

 I've never written "Friday Letters", but blogs I follow have occasionally.  After this crazy week, all I could think about regarding a blog post were Friday Letters.

  • Dear September, Welcome.  Late August was great, but I have been ready for you.
  • Dear New Work Schedule (which begins at 5:30am), You and I still have some adjusting to do.
  • Dear Coffee, I ignore you for months at a time, but I needed you this week.
  • Dear Quesadilla, Thank you for being my go-to meal this week.  I had no energy for any other thinking or cooking.
  • Dear Our Little Home, I have neglected you horribly as of late.  I promise you will be sparkling in ten days when I host a baby-shower.  Thank you for bearing with me. 
  • Dear Sarah Palin, I'm really enjoying your book, Going Rogue, and happy anniversary a few days ago.  I think you and I (or maybe your girls) could be friends.
  • Dear Pioneer Woman, I picked up your audiobook at the library today and I'm excited to start it soon.
  • Dear Act of Valor, You were SUCH an awesome movie.  I still cannot stop thinking about you.  You will have your own blog post soon.
  • Dear Naval Seal Who Authored No Easy Day, What I understand is you broke the Seal code of silence.  If this book in any way compromises our national security, or reveals military secrets to our enemies, or puts active service men and women in harm's way, in my opinion, you will be liable for treason.
  • Dear Lloyd, I'm sorry you have not gotten as much exercise this week as you usually do.  Thank you for being understanding and always so loveable.  You will have a lot of fun this weekend, I promise.
  • Dear Lexie, Thank you for being your sweet, purring self.  Please don't stress yourself out too much this weekend.
  • Dear Sweet Friends Who Are Animal-Sitting for us This Weekend, THANK YOU so much.  We are so grateful for your kindness.
  • Dear Blue Moon, I'm hoping to spot you tonight.
  • Dear Dress I Want to Wear This Weekend, Please fit!
  • Dear Michigan Football, Welcome back.  BEAT BAMA!!!!  GO BLUE!
  • Dear Hubby, I love you more every day.  Thank you for figuring out this new work schedule with me.  We can do anything together.  I'm so excited to spend this weekend with you.

Those are probably too many Friday Letters... I guess that's why you're supposed to write them every week instead of once in a Blue Moon.

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