Thursday, August 9, 2012

All-American Family

Yesterday Chris and I had a beautiful All-American Family moment...

I was inside cleaning the house from top to bottom and making a dessert for our company that night.  I don't believe in Spring cleaning because Chris and I travel all summer.  I believe in Fall cleaning because then our house is nice and really scrubbed for a new school year.

While I was inside cleaning, my manly hubby was outside fixing a weed-wacker.  Our neighbor gave us an old weed-wacker that didn't work and told us if we got it working, we could have it.  My wonderful hubby got it working no problem.  He was outside fixing tools and wacking-weeds, I was inside spring cleaning...

And one of Chris' students was outside pulling weeds for us.  He is such a sweet kid and such a great worker.  All I needed was a perfect little baby quietly cooing in her playpen for us to be the perfect family -- Husband and son doing yard-work, Wife cleaning and cooking, Dog outside with the men, Cat inside inspecting the cleaning job.

Chris' student even came in for lunch -- a roast beef sandwich.  :-D

What a great little picture-perfect, dream-come-true American moment.  :-d

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