Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Final Days of Vacation

I haven't blogged the past few days mostly because Hubby and I have been savoring our first days back in Rifle and our last days of our summer vacation before we start another school year of work.

I have been exhausted the past few nights so blogging didn't happen, but now I'd like to share how we spent our past few days... treasuring the end of our summer!

Saturday and Sunday, we were pageant parents and we took Lloyd up to the Eagle Canine Days for another Dock Dog competition.  Last weekend, in St. Louis, Lloyd's longest jump was 18'3"... this weekend his longest jump was 22'!!!!  :-D

They measure the jumps where his tail meets his rump... this jump wasn't his best.

This turned out to be a picture of my hubby because Lloyd jumped out of the shot.
Can you see his tail on the left?

Here is a better shot of Lloyd jumping.
Can you see him jumping after the white toy?

We love this pup!

And our little Champ tied for 3rd place in the Masters Finals!
We have high Olympic hopes for him -- Rio 2016 or Bust!  :-D

Doesn't he look proud of himself?

We were so proud and we had a great time.

Here is a video of one of his jumps... not his best jump, but it gives you an idea of what a Dock Dog Competition is.  Lloyd competes in the "Big Wave" Event.

Monday, Chris and I both had long to-do lists... and we totally disregarded them to play hooky together knowing that our days of summer are dwindling away and hooky will not be an option soon.

I started taking these pictures because Hubby was laying with his head on my stomach and then Lloyd brought his head right next to Chris' and I thought it was adorable.
But after a few shots, things started to get silly...

Lloyd started licking Chris' ears, neck, head, cheek... we were laughing pretty hard!

After the lick-fest was over, Lloyd relaxed and just looked cute, as usual.

Our kitty-princess always looks restful and adorable!

Chris and I just have so much fun together.  We had an awesome summer traveling, and then we come home and I still get to do everything with my best friend.  Today we played hooky and went to the grocery store.  It almost reminds me of college.  In college I could always find company -- taking a walk, going to the store, watching a movie, joining a club -- there was always someone who wanted to join in the fun.  Marriage is just the most awesome thing in the world.

I love my hubby!  :-D

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  1. Brooke,
    I have loved keeping up with your summer vacation through instagram. It looks like you two have had an amazing summer!


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