Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes and Always with Mackey Madness...

Sometimes: I feel like laundry is never-ending
Always: Until Chris and I join a nudist colony, laundry is never-ending

Sometimes: The best way to get our house in order after we've been traveling is to pretend company is coming
Always: The best way to get our house in order after we've been traveling is to actually have company come -- we have friends spending the night tonight, then different friends over for dinner on Friday -- our house looks GREAT, and we've only been back in town a few days

Sometimes: I am a total sucker for marketing ploys
Always: I support Team USA -- even if I didn't buy the cereal

Sometimes: I feel very grateful for my job and excited to start another school year
Always: I really want to be a full-time homemaker and pray the Lord will call me to that role eventually

Sometimes: My hubby gets annoyed that I freeze bananas in the freezer... and forget about them... and add more to the freezer... and end up with 15 frozen bananas
Always: My hubby enjoys the strawberry-banana muffins I make with the 15 frozen bananas

Sometimes: I realized I don't have all the ingredients for a recipe after I start making the recipe and I make a last minute substitution
Always: It is REALLY rewarding when the substitution creates an even better result -- like when I didn't have blueberries and made strawberry-banana muffins instead of blueberry-banana muffins :-D

Hope you're having a great Wednesday.

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