Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes and Always -- a little angry
I'm sorry, but we all have those days.

Sometimes: I have really bad days
Always: I consume more junk food on those days than the average day

Sometimes:  I get really angry (at any number of things) and stay fuming for hours
Always: It takes a couple of stupid jokes, but my hubby can always, eventually, get me to laugh
Sometimes: I feel like my hubby and I have no money
Always: We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and happy, healthy animals, so things really are not too bad
Sometimes: I disagree with the political posts people put on facebook
Always: I "Hide this post"
Sometimes: I get tired of driving half of my work day
Always: Anne of Green Gables and other characters make the drive go by more quickly

Sometimes:  I get incredibly frustrated with the public education system
Always: I am grateful for the paycheck.
Sometimes: I crave a really specific meal or snack
Always: Once that craving gets into my system, I will likely continue to crave it for the next 3-5 days -- my hubby doesn't understand, he doesn't even like leftovers  :-D

Sometimes: After a full day of work, I continue to work long into the evening at home
Always: I eventually have a day when I just CAN'T keep working and I need an 10-12 hour break!

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