Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Sweet Animals

I absolutely LOVE our sweet animals!

My love for them has been on my mind and my heart SO much this week because Chris and I both went back to work this week and I see so much less of my wonderful animals than I did just last week.  :-(

So, in honor of my love for my animals, today I want to share pictures of these beautiful, loving, athletic, snugly, sweet, thoughtful, playful, wild, tame, trained, helpful, soft, lovable animals.  Thank you, Lord for entrusting Lexie and Lloyd, Your creatures and Your creation to our care.  We love them SO much.

There's our 4-year-old little, lovable Lexie Girl

There is our 1-year-old playful, laughable Lloyd Car

When we put them together, our life becomes full of responsibility, craziness, energy, fun, cuddles, chasing, petting, licks, tricks, tails, paws, fur, wags, wiggles, whiskers, jumps, leaps, prints, and laughter...

My hubby surprised me with a flower the other night... Lexie decided the Baby's Breath was for her... then she just sat next to the rose as though she wasn't doing anything wrong.  The leaves of the rose still have teeth marks all over.

I always figured that my first two children would share a room... since we opened our guest room the other day, Lexie has claimed it as her own while Lloyd enjoys our bed.

 Who could not love these two?

I sure do!

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