Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Prayer Walk

I love to go on walks.

I don't think about walking as exercise because its just so darn enjoyable.  Walking in the woods, walking in a city, walking the dog, walking with friends, walking with music, walking with an audio book, walking on a cool morning or in the heat of the day, I LOVE walking.

This past weekend I took a different kind of walk than my usual talking on the phone or listening to music walk.  This past weekend, I was upset, and I took a prayer walk.
 This past weekend, I was feeling upset, overwhelmed, angry, discouraged, blind-sided, etc.  I knew I needed to take all of my hurt before God and if I stayed home, on my knees, I was going to cry and cry and cry -- it was just one of those days, and one of those situations.

I didn't want to cry and cry and cry, but I knew I had to take my feelings before the Lord.

On a prayer walk, my heart rate increases, and I get out-of-breath, like when I cry, but I don't have the breath or the energy to cry, because I'm working up a sweat.  I find the same release through walking as I would get crying, but I feel much better walking than I do crying.

And... since my walk is 3 miles (with Lloyd), a beautiful thing happens during that hour walk.

Lloyd and I were not half way through our route when I had all my pain and discouragement off my chest, and my heart began to change.  I began to thank God for his challenges.  I thanked Him for the chance to face this challenge with my husband.  I thanked Him for the time to correct the situation.  I thanked Him for standing with us in this situation and leading us through the days to come.

As I thanked Him, near the middle of my walk, I really was grateful for the challenge ahead.  I wasn't just offering empty thanks, but I really had a new perspective on this, previously upsetting, situation.

By the time I got home, I was pretty excited to see what the upcoming weeks would bring and how God was going to lead Hubby and me through this challenge.

When I'm upset, I need to remember how beautiful a Prayer Walk is.

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  1. I really love prayer walks! And just regular walks.. It's easier to focus on God's greatness when you're in His beautiful creation :)

  2. I also love prayer walks, and just walking too!


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