Friday, August 10, 2012

What I'm Wearing - Cardinals' Game

So, a number of bloggers I know post weekly accounts of "What I'm Wearing".  These posts are when bloggers post a picture of them in a cute outfit and the writers talk about how they put it together and what a great deal it was... all kinds of fun stuff like that.

I have never posted a "What I'm Wearing" post -- with the exception of maybe talking about my wedding dress -- mostly because I don't think of myself as having a sense of style or a fashion sense, and certainly not one I would brag about or expect anyone would want to emulate.

Well, here is my first, possibly my only, "What I'm Wearing" post.
This is "What I'm Wearing... to a Cardinals' Game".

I wrote last week about Chris and me attending a few Cardinals v. Rockies.  Chris always wears Cardinals' apparel to Cardinals' games and he loves it when I wear Cardinals' apparel too.  I totally understand where my hubby is coming from because I LOVE it when he (and I) wear Michigan apparel on Michigan game days.  So, without further ado... What I'm Wearing to a Cardinals' Game:

Chris' mom bought me the Cardinals' dress a few summers ago, and the only size she could find was an extra-large.  Many hot-water washes and high dryer cycles later, the dress fits me... but its actually supposed to be pajamas.  I've worn it a few times to Cardinals' games, but I've always been really self-conscience knowing that its supposed to be a night-gown.

After a few times of wearing the Cardinals' dress with a strapless bra, I tried it with a sport's bra, and felt much more comfortable... but I still was hesitant about how short the dress was.

I don't own leggings, but I've always thought the leggings look was cute.  When Chris and I were visiting friends in Georgia, a friend was wearing leggings -- or so I thought.  When I complimented her on them, she said they were under-armor workout capris. What an awesome idea?!?!  Especially for going to a baseball game!  I don't think I could pull off workout capris for going to work, but for summertime, and a baseball game -- TOTALLY!

So, that's the outfit -- Cardinals' pajama dress, sports bra, and Costco workout Nike capris.  I felt SO cute in this outfit!  Every time I caught my reflection, I thought, "Gosh, I feel much cuter than I look."  LOL!

So, which is better?  To look cuter than you feel or to feel cuter than you look?  In this case, it felt so great to feel so cute in this fun, Cardinals' outfit.

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