Thursday, August 16, 2012

As of Late: August 2012

It's the third Thursday of the month... As of Late with Critty Joy!

Lately... I've been back to work and four LONG days of work have felt like several weeks have passed... is it really only Thursday?

Lately... I've become a wife who cans!  :-D  I've canned peach jam and I have tomatoes coming on Saturday so I'll be canning tomatoes this weekend.  This is literally a life-goal coming true for me and I am so proud of myself.

All dressed up and ready to be given as gifts!
Lately... I'm getting back into my books on tape while I'm driving all over the Western Slope.  Any suggestions?

Lately... I'm remembering how COOL braille is, and thankfully, I'm remembering braille pretty well.  I have a fully braille-reading student this next year so braille will be coming out my ears this year!

Lately... I've been planning my first baby shower to take place in mid-September and I'm really excited and a little nervous about it.  Please send all your great baby shower ideas my way during the next few weeks.

Invitations sent - Check!
Lately... I'm missing the Olympics, but its nice not to have the television on 24-7 like I might have while the Olympics were on.

Lately... I've found that a clean bed sheet can double as a tablecloth.  A tablecloth will definitely be on my Christmas List... but I feel very resourceful and economically responsible in the meantime.

Beautiful black tablecloth
Lately... I am REALLY looking forward to college football starting.  These weeks of being back to work without college football are really some of my hardest weeks of the year.  I know that's awful, but when school starts, college football begins and I look forward to every Michigan game every week.  Just 16 more days til Michigan's season opener... 16 more days...

Michigan v. Alabama September 1, 2012 7:00pm CST
What have you been up to lately?

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  1. I am missing the Olympics too! Sigh. Although you are right about the television :)

    Canning is so much fun! I remember my Memaw doing it every year. Such yummy goodness to be had during the winter.

    Showers are definitely fun to host. Enjoy the planning!

  2. Great job, canning! I really hope I can do some canning next summer! I helped my mom and Memaw alot growing up. We canned tons of tomatoes. :)

    Hope the shower goes really well! The several showers I've helped with, we've asked the Mom-to-be what kinds of foods she's craving or prefers. It makes it fun to let them help choose.


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