Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Rainy Days!

Yesterday was a rainy day in Rifle... and it was wonderful!

I can't remember the last rainy DAY I've had living in Colorado -- granted I've traveled all of the summers I've lived here... but the mountains don't have full rainy days, we have rain storms.  Rain storms quickly move in, and quickly move out but do not slowly linger all day.

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Yesterday, it was raining from the moment we awoke til long after dinner.

The temperature dropped, I needed a long-sleeve shirt, our house cooled off, and it was perfect back-to-school weather.  In a stroke of excellent timing, it was also Chris and my first official days back at work.  In addition to the rain, my day was made much more enjoyable by the beautiful rose with which my hubby surprised me Sunday night.  I got to look at it all day while I was working!

Working is always better with a gorgeous red rose from the man I love!
I was glued to multiple laptops all day (58-plus emails exchanged in addition to other planning and organizing) next to an open window where I could watch and listen to the rain all day.

Do you enjoy the rain?  I don't know if I could handle daily drizzle, like Seattle has, but some nice full-day, lingering rain storms are wonderful!  We're really hoping for a really hard, cold, snow-filled winter.  We NEED it, in my opinion, both meteorologically and mentally.  We live on the Western Slope of Colorado... we're built strong and tough and we're not afraid of the elements -- we respect them, but we're not afraid.  We need a year so full of snow that we are overly grateful to make it to the Spring.  We need to be reminded what a tough breed we are.

Yesterday's 60* rainy day was a great start.  :-D

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