Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Tennis

You what I love?
Watching tennis on television -- US Open, French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and, Oh yes, OLYMPIC Tennis!

You know what I don't love?
Watching an EPIC semi-final Olympic Tennis match between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray... and watching Andy win the first set, stay on serve in the second set until a score of 6-5... and then he goes up 40-0, which means he has 3 MATCH POINTS... and THEN...

It was like a mean joke.

Fortunately, my wonderful husband found the broadcast on the internet and found the exact spot that our recording cut off and I was able to see Murray win and go on to the finals.  I was afraid if I tried to find the internet recording myself, I would see the result of the match.

I am totally pulling for Andy Murray in the Olympic finals, which I think are Sunday (don't hold me to that).  Andy has never won a major grand slam, and a British player has not won a major grand slam in like 79 years.  Andy finished Wimbledon a few weeks ago as second runner-up when he lost to Roger Federer (the same opponent he will be facing for in the Olympic finals).  Murray wants a win for Great Britain SO badly and I want one for him as well.  Here is his touching and very endearing speech that he gave after he finished second at Wimbledon:

Now, he is poised for a Wimbledon re-match against Roger Federer and I am cheering for him wholeheartedly!  Roger Federer is an awesome player, and a really classy competitor, but I want this for Murray.  In addition to the mens' singles finals, he is competing in the doubles tournament with his brother, and in the mixed doubles tournament.  With all of these back-to-back events, Murray is either going to be playing the best tennis of his life, or completely exhausted -- hopefully both.

You can do it, Murray!  I will be cheering for you, and making sure that my television recording is properly set with PLENTY of time to spare.  :-D

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