Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Lexie and Lloyd

I have been trying to capture cute moments with my animals, and I just love them to bits.

These animals crack me up... and they are hanging out closer and closer to each other with less hissing and chasing.  Keep praying for these siblings.  I still hold a hope that someday I will walk into a room and they will be curled up together sound asleep.

So far, this is the closest the animals have come to being curled up asleep together.
"I need to get every last lick of peanut butter from this container!"
So pretty!
"I hear, Lloyd..."
For a cat who doesn't like water, Lexie loves to play with it...
She's never fallen in the tub, but she's gotten really close
"I almost have all the peanut butter..."
In addition to running water, Lexie loves printers and embossers (braille printers).
Sizing each other up...
For about 90 seconds on afternoon, Lloyd was trying to play with Lexie, and Lexie wasn't running away.  I snapped quite a few pictures.
This one was probably the best.

These critters add so much joy to our lives.  We love you guys!

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