Monday, July 30, 2012

I Love The Olympics!

I LOVE the Olympics!

The excitement the Olympics generates in my mind is similar to the excitement around Christmas.  Don't worry, I don't spiritually put the same value on the Olympics that I do Christmas -- no real comparison between the miraculous birth of God's Son, the Savior of the World, and a World-Wide Sporting event... but I enjoy the Olympics.

I love that our entire country watches and adamantly cheers for Team USA in sports that get little to no public attention for the 3.5 years in between Olympic games.  Sports like archery, rowing, swimming, track and field, distance running, water polo, equestrian, ping-pong, volleyball, gymnastics, bad-mitten, etc. are not generally televised through mainstream media and followed by the public... but for two weeks, every four years, that changes and our whole nation cheers for Team USA regardless of what sport they're playing.

And, like Christmas, I LOVE the commercials that come with the Olympics.

I have SO much I want to blog about in the next few weeks -- more details and pictures of our summer travels, various jokes and stories I picked up on the way... but I think I will try to include a wonderful, heartwarming Olympic Commercial every day the Olympics are going on.

Hope you enjoy.  Let's GO TEAM USA!

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