Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sometimes and Always: From Vacation

Sometimes and Always from Vacation...

Sometimes: I am really excited to be in a big city like Washington's DC or New York for a holiday like New Year's Eve for the Fourth of July
Always: I remember it is/would be awesome once in a lifetime... but I don't really like crowds so, about once is probably enough

Sometimes: I think about living in a big city and riding a Metro to and from work and I get Hollywood image in my mind from Picture Perfect, You've Got Mail, or Friends
Always: When I visit the city and actually ride a Metro,they're kind of dirty, scary, crowded, and smelly, and I'm glad I live in a small town

Sometimes: I think that everyone knows the dress code for the fourth of July red white blue
Always: Someone close to me (like my husband) dresses for the day in brown and orange and I realize not every knows the wardrobe requirements

Can you see the Capitol building behind us?
It looked bigger in person
Sometimes: In the middle of winter, I remember with nostalgia the summer heat and the wardrobe of tank tops and skirts that come with it
Always: When summer heat and humidity (outside of Colorado) arrives, I am grateful for for the change of season and the heat... but I'm also kind of miserable :-D

 Sometimes: My husband and I lose each other when we're in a big city
Always: We eventually find one another

Sometimes: When I'm in a big city I expect someone that I know from some point in my life (high school, college, grad school, professional life... there must be someone here that I know)
Always: I never see anyone familiar and I'm amazed at how many strangers there are in the world

Sometimes: I imagine living in a big city and running regularly amidst the iconic views -- along the National Mall or through Central Park, I imagine myself as a lone early morning runner savoring the beauty
Always: When I visit these places, I see runners dodging tourists like an obstacle course and I'm happy with my small town running course at home

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