Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer 2012 Trip: Baltimore

After our great day in Canada and at Niagara Falls, we hit the road VERY early to head to Baltimore in time for an afternoon Orioles game.

Friends of mine from Washington and Lee University (W&L) who live in Maryland joined us for the game and then we followed them back to their home, where we crashed in their guest room for a few nights.

I have known Christine since we were both Summer Scholars between our Jr. and Sr. years of high school, and then we both started at W&L as freshmen a year later.  We've known each other for 11 years... how is that possible?

Christine married another W&L student a few years after we graduated and they are expecting their first baby this winter (yay!)

The day of the game in Baltimore was SOOO HOT!  We were melting as the thermometer hovered around 98* and humid.  Thankfully, the Baltimore Stadium at Camden Yards provided free cups of ice for the fans.  THANK YOU, Baltimore Stadium.  We greatly appreciated it!

The ballpark was pretty cool.

They had a pretend street outside the ballpark where people could wander, shop, and eat
They had baseball plaques on the ground marking where noteworthy home-runs were hit
We found a Cardinals player, Lance Berkman's, home-run marker.

We even ran into the Orioles' Mascot before the game!

Around the park was Orioles' memorabilia including Cal Ripken's 2131's consecutive game!

 I had to take a picture of their American Flag, because I'm pretty sure there are not 50 stars on it.  Those stars look very big and very few in number... does anyone know about this?

After the game, we went back to Christine and Justin's house and then went to dinner at a great Maryland Seafood place.  It was PACKED because so many people in their area were without power due to the big storms that swept through their area two days before.  Christine and Justin were, thankfully, only without power for 24 hours.

We had a great time!

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