Monday, July 23, 2012

Never Long Enough in Sanden Land

Is there a place that, when you visit, you are never there long enough?

Or maybe there is a person that, when you visit them, you can never visit with them long enough?

Who could ever get enough of these two?
Nine times out of ten, that is how I feel about my parents and my childhood home.  I can never spend long enough there (especially in the summer time), and I can never spend enough time with my parents.

Okay, well, truth-be-told, there are times when I am ready to part ways with my parents and have a little break (come on, I'm still they're child and I'm 28 years old... there's a reason I don't live at home any more), but this past week at home, especially, one summer week in Michigan and one week with my parents did not feel long enough.

Momma, Daddy, Hubby and me, Tiger Stadium, Summer 2012
I will write more about our wonderful week in Michigan when I have more of the pictures to include, but the bottom line is that I think my parents are awesome.  Since I've been out of their house, I've learned there are different ways of doing things, but when I'm in their home with them, it's like sliding back into a hometown dialect -- I know how they want things done and why they do things a certain way.

Right, wrong, indifferent, or upside down, their way is the way I was raised, and it is such a comfort to spend time in a Sanden Land where everything is done a certain way -- the way its always been done, and the way I was taught to do it.

Momma, Daddy, Hubby and me, The Big House, Summer 2012
Remembering how comfortable I feel in Sanden Land helps me understand how my Hubby must feel when we spend time in Miller-ville with his family.  Remembering how much I cherish and treasure time with my three favorite people in the world (my Hubby and my parents) in my favorite place in the world (my childhood home in the summertime) helps me be more easy-going when we spend time at his parents' home when we're visiting his family.  I want him to have as enjoyable a time when we're with his family as I have when we're with my family.

It is hard for me to say goodbye to our week in Sanden Land, but I just have to cherish the memories we made, focus on how grateful I am to have such a loving, and respectful relationship with my parents, become excited about the next time I'll see them, and enjoy my time in Miller-ville while my Hubby gets to soak up time with his family.

We are so fortunate to have two such wonderful sides of our family.

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