Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun times at the Ballpark

Chris and I got in very late last night from a Cardinals extra-innings win at Busch Stadium, so I didn't really have the energy for a deep or detailed post today.

Here are some pictures from our game, a video from the game where Chris and I debate the definition of a "Walk-Off", and at the bottom, a great baseball clip from a few years ago.  Enjoy:

103* for a night game... today's game is at 1:00pm, Lord, help us!
Dad Miller gets us really great seats!
Cardinal's Win in Extra Innings!

Great Job, Guys!
Do you know the definition of a Walk-Off to end the game?  I thought a walk-off was a home run that ends the game.  That way, the batter WALKS OFF the field as he rounds the bases.  Chris (who is the person who taught me what a Walk-Off is) told me last night that a Walk-Off is any run that ends the game... hence the players walk off the field after that run is scored.  We had this conversation after the game, so this clip captures the victory in Busch Stadium and then Chris and my conversation about what we just saw...

This next clip is just beautiful - and hysterical!

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