Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midweek Ramblings from Michigan

Chris and I are in Michigan this week, and I've got to say, I'm not sure which we're enjoying more -- time with my parents or being in the same location for more than two nights in a row.  :-D

Lloyd was SO excited to come with us to Michigan to see his Grammie and Papa!

We have been on the go and sleeping in the same bed no more than two nights in a row ever since June 23rd.  We are finally resting, relaxing, working on some summer projects and enjoying the summer.  The only negative is that Michigan has been really hot and humid and my parents don't have air conditioning.  My wonderful hubby is very miserable and our dog runs out of energy very quickly.  :-(

Our time in Michigan has included

 Lots of attention devoted to our animals
Papa gives Lloyd and Lexie a rub down at least once a day

Blueberry picking in beautiful and bountiful Michigan blueberry patches!

 Don't these just look delicious?  The problem is getting them from the bush to the bucket and not in my mouth on the way...

I found a white hair on our one-year-old puppy... is life with us really that stressful?

Isn't he a beautiful dog?

We have two big projects underway during this week at home...
  • Buy Mom and Daddy a new flat-screen television for the family room, which is Dad's 80th birthday present from my brother and his family and Chris and me
We had to take this family room television set up...

And create a 21st Century family room television set up...

Here's the side-by-side comparison.  How did we do?  My wonderful hubby did all the heavy-lifting, furniture/television assembling, and cable-attaching.  Dad and I helped as best we could, but Chris really did everything on his own.  I am so blessed to have him!

    • The next project was for Momma and me to tackle some of my storage boxes in Mom and Dad's basement.  When I moved to Colorado, some of my boxes from Nashville were put in my parents' basement and haven't been touched since them.  Time to find out what's in them, donate and trash much of what's there and re-organize what is worth saving
     We made the basement project more enjoyable by making it a "It's 5'o'clock somewhere" Project...

     The result was SIX BAGS of trash!!  YAY!  That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Progress!!!

    Something interesting I found in the cleaning process was my University's (W&L's) original "Facebook".  W&L had a facebook for years before the current Facebook Website was created.  As freshmen, we would receive a Freshman Facebook with pictures, hometowns, prospective majors, and hobbies of all the new freshmen.

    Our year of the freshman facebook included a "Dubyuhnell" (W&L) dictionary to help us, the clueless freshman, learn the terminology around campus.

    It was pretty fun to look through.

    We're loving our time in Michigan and with my parents, but we're hoping for some cooler weather to blow in.  More fun to come, I'm sure, before we leave.  :-D

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