Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer 2012 Trip: Toronto and Niagara Falls

I'm going to attempt to blog about some details of our Summer 2012 Trip.  I promise I will try to keep the posts to general information that you might be interested in, and not ALL the details that only Chris and I will be interested in.  :-D

We left Michigan dark and early -- before the sun, so dark and early on Saturday, June 30 and drove across the state and into Canada.  No problems crossing the border.

We're prepared headed into Canada
We had plenty of time to explore the Toronto ballpark before the game because we had allowed for time delays at the border.

Quick picture with the players before they take the field -- HA!
Watching batting practice before the game
The field had an open roof and this was the view through the open dome
It's called the CN Tower and apparently people can walk outside around the top,
sort of hanging over the city... we didn't have time for that kind of adventure.
The Toronto Ballpark was pretty cool and right in downtown Toronto.  The park itself had quite a personality -- a personality that heckles the visiting team.  We were seated in front row, right field and the home-town crowd around us just HECKLED the the right fielder from the opposing team EVERY INNING.  We could also hear the fans seated in left field heckling the left fielder from the opposing team as well.  At first Chris and I were a little surprised and turned-off by it, but as time went on, it just got to be funny.

We were excited to see former-Cardinal player Albert Pujols... he was heckled too.
Friends were able to join us for the Toronto baseball game.  Abbie is one of my closest childhood friends...

This picture was in Abbie's guest room for us to see... us as kiddos in a school play :-D
... and she did a beautiful job of playing the piano at our wedding.

It was so much fun to see Abbie and her boyfriend, David a year later to really catch up without the wedding events.

Chris, me, Abbie and David
It was David's first major league baseball game.  Glad we could indoctrinate him!
We've been friends 25 years -- crazy!
Abbie and David
Great seats in front row, right field
After the game, we stopped at the Canada side of Niagara Falls and had a great time taking pictures and staring at the double-rainbow (one rainbow was a lot more noticeable than the other).

We're over the rainbow -- at least from the view of the United States!
We're getting wet from the mist as we took pictures
We had a blast!
Having fun!
My God created that!  That is mind-blowing!
Finally, after the great day in Canada, we returned to the US and enjoyed a terrific BBQ dinner in Abbie and David's little town outside Buffalo, New York.  What a great day with awesome friends!

This BBQ place was really good.
A huge thank you to Abbie and David for an awesome day in Canada and New York.

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