Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes and Always with Mackey Madness...

Sometimes: I don't particularly like or want to clean or do laundry
Always: I like a clean house and clean linens

Sometimes: I understand that the NCAA had to take action against Penn State University regarding the horrible acts that happened on their campus and at the hand of one of their former assistant coaches
Always: I side with Joe Paterno and I believe the wrong people are being punished, and will be punished for years, for crimes committed years ago

Sometimes: I muster the patience to handle situations I do not understand
Always: Patience does not come easily
Source: via AKP on Pinterest
Sometimes: I lose my patience with the concept of patience
Always: I pray and pray and pray

Sometimes: People post on facebook/twitter/their blog/etc. ALL the things they have to get done in a short amount of time.  The write how much they have to do, how little time they have, and how it will never all get done in time.
Always: I find it hysterical that they wasted some of their precious time to tell the world via facebook/twitter/their blog/etc. how little time they have to spare

Sometimes: I post on facebook how much I have to accomplish in a short amount of time
Always: I find it funny that I waste some of my time doing that... maybe something about telling the world what you're going to do helps you zero in, focus, and get it done?

Sometimes: I forget to put on sunscreen once or twice a summer
Always: I regret it

What's happening Sometimes and Always in your world?

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