Thursday, July 19, 2012

As of Late: July 2012

I'm not sure if Christy at CrittyJoy is having As of Late this month, but I have come to really like it on the third Thursday of every month.

  • Lately, I've been ENJOYING every minute of summer vacation!
  • Lately, I've been reflecting on the wonderful 13 day road trip my hubby and I took (Toronto, Baltimore, DC, Lexington, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Hickory, Lookout Mountain, Nashville)
  • Lately, I've been enjoying baseball games and exploring new baseball parks with my hubby :-D
  • Lately, I've been enjoying solid summer time with my parents, hubby and animals in Michigan, although the humidity and hot temperatures are not my favorite
  • Lately, I'm looking forward to solid summer time with Chris' family coming up next week in St. Louis
  • Lately, I'm getting excited about the fall and the new things coming up next year... but I'm not excited about another work year yet
  • Lately, I've been running with Lloyd and doing an exercise tape on alternating days trying to work off the great sea food and southern meals we ate on our 13 day trip
  • Lately, I've just been basking in every minute AT HOME -- the home where I grew up, the parents who raise me, the routines I know so well, the conversations I grew up having, the streets I could navigate blindfolded, the lakes and water I've come to love... this is home sweet home no matter where life takes me
Our 1st Anniversary
  • Lately, I've been pondering the virtues of patience and kindness and trying to love and serve my husband better through focusing on these two virtues
  • Lately, I'm making an effort to complain less
  • Lately, I'm making an effort to speak positively and laugh more
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  1. Beautiful picture of the two of you! So glad you are having a wonderful time with family!

  2. Sounds like an amazing vacation!! So much fun visiting all those people and the familiarity of home. :)

    That photo is fabulous and you look amazing!!

    Thanks for joining in dear!


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