Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reconnecting with Really Special Friends

On our trip, we saw 36 old friends and 12 children in 13 days.

We have some amazing friends who heard we were coming through their neck of the woods and made time in their schedules and lives to reconnect with us as we were passing through.

Friends opened homes to us for overnight stays,
joined us for baseball games,
met us for dinner, lunch, breakfast, coffee,
cooked us home-made meals,
 squeezed in walks,
met us for concerts,
took us to church,
and let us drop by unannounced to say "Hi"

We have amazing friends!

Pictures of some of the 36 friends we saw - I didn't remember to get pictures of everybody
My apologies to the few who are missing
When our friends heard we were in the area passing through from 2000 miles away, they did WHATEVER was necessary to connect with us.  We were so humbled by their flexibility, love, and hospitality!

When we had a travel delay, they said, "Don't worry about it.  We are happy to see you whenever you get here!"  When they had a sudden power-outage right before we were supposed to arrive, they said, "Pray for the power to come back, and prepare for our house to be like a camp-sight, but you are still welcome to stay here!"  When we said we would be in their area, they said, "We have a room for you.  Don't even think about a hotel.  We would love for you to stay with us!"

Time and time again, we were overwhelmed with love and hospitality by our friends across the miles.  We LOVED getting to see you all again and reconnect in person.

There is something so special about visiting in person after a few years of keeping in touch through facebook updates and Christmas cards.  You still consider the person a friend, but when you're in town from 2000 miles away and they make the time in their busy lives to see you, that is really special.  When you can pick up your friendship after 3-6 years apart and feel like no time has passed, that is really special.  When someone was my friend, but is overjoyed to meet my husband for the first time and welcomes him into their life like a long-lost friend, that is really special.

Thank you to our really special friends.  You made our trip so memorable this summer and we cannot wait until we meet again.  You are ALL welcomed at our place in Rifle (although not at the same time!). :-D

The Lord Bless you and keep you, and we send love and prayers, until we meet again.

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  1. Y'all definitely have some amazing friends!! I love friends like that, willing to do anything for you!!

  2. It was so great to see you!! Come back to VA soon!


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