Friday, June 29, 2012

Time On the Water

Yesterday my parents and Chris and I went water skiing... water skiing behind a 48-year-old boat that my dad won on the Price Is Right in 1964.

That's right... and that is a story and blog post in and of itself.  For today, I'll just post about water skiing.

If our loveable, very old classic boat has taught us anything over the years it is that you should not put off water skiing if you want to do it.  Many summers I have said I'll wait for the "perfect" morning to water ski, or I'll water ski later in the summer, and something unexpected happens with the boat, and it is out of commission later in the summer so I don't get a chance to water ski until the next summer.

With that in mind, Daddy and Chris and I seized the day yesterday and water skied on Mona Lake.

Although I used to live on water skies on summers when I was younger, I have certainly slowed down.  I do, however, still have a few tricks up my sleeves, like the one below -- rope in between my legs and no hands.

What a great summer tradition!

After I had my turn, Daddy was up -- Daddy who is 79.5 years old.  He's now closer to 80 than 79.  Yeah, he decided to go water skiing too! :-D

He's up and he looks great!

Seriously, 80 years old.
What do the 80-year-olds you know do?

We're not 80, but we still have fun!

Lastly, my hubby decided to give it a whirl...

... and water skiing isn't really his thing.  This was the best picture I got of him water skiing, which means he didn't have the best day on skis.  Maybe next time.

 Summer time to me means time on the water!

Thanks, Mom and Dad for this great time and for raising me in Michigan, where kids learn how to swim before then learn how to walk.

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