Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh, Oregano's

Hubby and I are spending this weekend in Phoenix for another early summer getaway.  Last weekend, Seattle, this weekend Phoenix -- yeah, we like to go from one end of the country to another in less than a week.  :-D  We love our adventures.

We are going to see my grandmother in Phoenix -- if you saw my post yesterday, this is actually step-grandmother Sanden.  My grandfather Sanden married her in the 60s after he and Nangie divorced.

Chris and I try to visit her 1-2 times each year.  We do go to Phoenix to visit her... I want to be very clear about there.  But there are a couple other things we get excited about doing in Phoenix when we visit.

We like to see a Diamondback baseball game, and the last time we were there, we found the MOST AMAZING restaurant!!!

We are going to eat at Oregano's and I am OVER THE MOON excited about it!  I have been remembering the amazing meal Chris and I shared there ever since last September... and I've had to convince myself not to drive to Phoenix just to get a meal from Oregano's on many occasions over the past 9 months.

Again, we are thrilled to visit with my grandmother -- the ballgame and the dinner is just a little celebration to mark the beginning of summer!

Do you have a restaurant that you would happily travel cross-country to experience?

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  1. So happy you are able to visit family as well as do cool things while you are there.

    My husband and I had our rehearsal dinner at Oregano's in Illinois. I wonder if they are the same company?
    Have a great day!

  2. Steve says we moved here to be close to Oregano's :)


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