Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lloyd's First Birthday!

Lloyd's first birthday is coming up... and to be really honest, his actual birthday will not be very focused on Lloyd because it is also Chris and my first anniversary.

I don't know if I've shared that before, but Lloyd was my wedding present from Chris.  We exchanged gifts two weeks before our wedding and Chris gave me a book on Labs as a promise that, in the fall, when we were settled, he would get me a black lab puppy.

We prayed like crazy about the dog God would choose for us and trusted that the puppy He sent us would be the perfect addition to our family.  It wasn't until after we had had Lloyd for a few days that I looked at his papers and saw that he was born on our wedding day.  How perfect!

Look at the picture on the lower left of my sister-in-law holding him up
compared tot he picture in the middle of me holding him up... what a difference!
We have not had Lloyd for the entire year... he joined our family in October, but I cannot believe how much he has grown in the time that we've had him.  I don't remember him being so small but then I look at these pictures and it blows my mind.

He was a tiny, skinny puppy when we got him, and now he's a healthy, beautiful big dog!

This wonderful pup is a trip!  He is hysterical and energetic and so full of love!

This puppy is awesome!
We love you, Lloyd Carr!

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