Sunday, June 24, 2012

Memories of Friends and Family

One year ago tomorrow is the day Chris and I became husband and wife, and I am so excited to celebrate our first anniversary.

As the date nears, however, I find myself remembering all the people and events leading up to our wedding day.

Friends and family from across the country began arriving on Tuesday  and official wedding events began Thursday.  Chris and I literally have friends from across the country -- Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi... Most of my close friends have never been to my childhood home... and so many of them came for several days to celebrate our wedding.

The week of our wedding was literally the best week of my life.  So many friends from so many stages of my life at my childhood home, getting to know my future husband and my family and his family, making memories together... perfect.

Our wedding was made perfect by all the friends and family who traveled
so far to share the days of celebration with us
Words are failing me as I think back to how perfect strangers became instant friends for the three-five days spent in Michigan.  Strangers met at the airport to share rental cars for the weekend, and strangers were roommates for the weekend -- and everyone was family in no time.  It is such a testament to how God knits hearts together and how blessed we are with friends and family.

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