Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photos of "Papa's" 80th Birthday and a Family Weekend

This past weekend all of the Sandens -- my parents, my brother and his family, and Chris and me met up at Lake Chelan for a long weekend together.

My dad's 80th birthday is coming up in October, so we all gathered together to celebrate his birthday a few months early.

Below are some photo collages of all the pictures Chris and I snapped over the weekend.  You can click on the collage pictures to make them larger and to see the smaller pictures better.

Nephew Jake had a cool dragon kite and there was a big open field where he could try to fly it.

I love this progression of pictures -- two pictures where Jake has the kite and Chris has a beer... two pictures where Chris has the kite and Jake has the beer.  :-D

These are some of my favorite pictures... do you think I could have a future in child photography?

Back at the house, an indoor pow-wow and outdoor fun... check out the picture of the boys disagreeing (lower right second in)

Every night, Trent's family goes for an after-dinner walk, and the whole family went along.  Lots of fun was had with the two walkie-talkies.

Nephew Ryan learned how to catch a frisbee

On Sunday, we called it "Papa's Birthday"... four months early so the day started with breakfast in bed for my dad and ended with some presents.

A toast to Papa's 80th birthday!

Present time... We all gave Dad a flatscreen television -- or a box with a picture of a flatscreen television.  Since his birthday isn't until October, we will take measurements and buy one and install it this summer in his family room at home.  It will be ready to go in time for his birthday (and Michigan football season).  My dad couldn't believe it!
He had commented to my mom on how much better he can see the flatscreen televisions he has seen at our house and in the Vail condo than he can see the old box television in their family room at home.  He always tells us kids, "No more presents.  My birthday, Christmas, Fathers' Day all come along too often and I don't need anything.  Please, no more presents."  My brother and I agreed that his 80th birthday had to be an exception -- A BIG exception.  When he opened the box with the flatscreen tv on it, both of my nephews yelled, "IT'S A GIANT TV!"

This birthday party is the only birthday party, with a bunch of people I can ever remember our having for my dad.  I love these pictures of him laughing and blowing out the cake with his two grandsons!

Some family pictures and fun pictures we snapped before the end of the weekend.

What precious memories we made last weekend.

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