Thursday, June 14, 2012

Praises From Across the Globe!

What a joy it is going to be to write this post, and I hope you are equally blessed by reading it.  This week I have heard from friends about Praises and Answered Prayers from across the globe!

Chris and I are friends with two different families who have been in the process of adopting.  The families have walked very different journeys and do not know each other and BOTH announced within 24 hours of each other that they have been matched (accepted a referral -- I don't know the appropriate adoption lingo) with a daughter!  In fact, I read both of these good-news blog posts within hours of each other and I told Chris about the first family... then a few hours later, I told him about the other family, and he said, "Sweetie, you told me about this already."  I had to explain that No, really, these are two different families, two different baby girls and both have life-changing, prayers-answered news!

James and Liz's blog
James and Liz are friends of mine I made during my years at Vanderbilt, although Liz and I both attended Washington and Lee University and Vanderbilt University -- but we never overlapped in our schooling.  I have actually only met Liz and James once, but as many of you know, when you connect with a sister-in-Christ, you are connected forever.  James and Liz have two little girls (Anne and Molly) and are now welcoming a 10-month old baby from China into their family, Bethany Kate (to be called Kate).  James wrote an awesome post on their blog to announce their new family addition and it was wonderfully moving to read a husband and father's journey on this road to adoption.  I have read many women's accounts of the adoption journey, but this was the first father's account.

Baby Kate
Praise God for this little miracle who has been matched with her family!  Please continue to keep James, Liz, Anne, Molly, and Kate in your prayers during these 6 months before Kate will come home.  To read more about this adoption journey, please visit James and Liz's blog.

John and Lauren's Blog

John and Lauren are friends I made during my Sr. year at Washington and Lee University.  They were newly-weds and Lauren had just graduated from college herself.  Lauren and I have stayed in touch ever since and prayed each other through many trials over these 6 years.  John and Lauren have a little boy, Mareto, and are now welcoming a 3-week old baby girl from Ethiopia into their family. From Lauren's blog posts, I have the impression that being matched with this baby girl happened a little more suddenly than they expected and they are over-joyed, but also praying like crazy to complete paper-work and gather finances to expedite all the steps that remain.

Baby Girl
 Praise God for this miracle who has been matched with her family!  Please pray for John, Lauren, Mareto, and this beautiful baby girl as this family goes through the final, but very difficult phase of adoption where they have seen their baby but can't quite have her yet.  Please also pray that God would provide (quickly) all the funds needed, and if you feel led, please consider donating to John and Lauren's adoption.

All this joy, and yet, I'm not done yet...

My friend and old roommate, Maggie just arrived in Tanzania for a summer missions trip.  She is traveling with another woman from her church, Peggy, and they are sharing updates on a blog while they are over there.  So far, they have arrived safely, begun to settle in, met the kiddos, and begun teaching classes.  They are also getting used to, as they say, expending 100% more effort for daily chores like cooking, cleaning and sewing.

Please keep Maggie and Peggy in your prayers, and feel free to keep tabs on their journey for yourself by reading their blog.

What are some praises from your part of the globe?

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  1. Oh wow!! What amazing news from all over! Thank you so much for sharing our story and our links! :) Yes, this all happened MUCH faster than we expected but we are *almost* done with paperwork! AND we have full trust that God will provide every cent! :) Thank you for sharing in our joy!

  2. oh wow!!!! that is so cool about John and Lauren and how we both matched at the same time!!!! God works in such awesome ways. I will be praying for them!!! This is Kate's very first appearance on another blog! How exciting. I'll save it for her baby book!!!!!! You are such a special sis-in-Christ!!! love you! ; )


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