Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes and Always while traveling...


Sometimes: I get anxious when I think about spending time with my in-laws
Always: The more time I spend with them, the better I get to know them, and we have a blast.  Every time I come to think of them more and more like my family.

All the dogs in St. Louis -- Lloyd is going to have a blast with all his cousins
Sometimes: I see Lloyd playing so gently with a new little puppy and I think how much fun it would be to be him a little puppy brother or sister
Always: I come back to the conclusion that we have our perfect family for the moment with one cat and one dog. 
I am going to miss these critters so much while we travel
Sometimes: My hubby and I get excited for a "really nice" dinner out, like the on we had on our anniversary.
Always: We enjoy the nice, expensive dinners out, but we realize that we don't need anything expensive or dressy to have a wonderful time together.  We love cooking at home in pajamas!

1 Year of Bliss!
Sometimes: I see something on the Food Network that looks amazing and I imagine how great it would be to eat a meal made by one of those chefs
Always: Chris and I try to fit Foot Network recommended places on our travels and we are always blown away by the foodie goodness
We ate Cupcake War Winning cupcakes in St. Louis -- YUMMY!
Hope you're having a wonderful week!

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